Downloader App on Amazon & Android Devices

    How to Install Downloader on Firestick / Firetv

    • 1. From the home screen of your device, hover over the Find option.
    • 2. Click Search.
    • 3. Search for and select Downloader.
    • 4. Choose the Downloader app.
    • 5. Click Download.
    • 6. Wait for the app to install.
    • 7. Once the app finishes installing click Open.

    Evoking the Developer Option on Amazon Devices

    • 1. on the Directional Pad, Press & Hold the Center Button for a second.
    • 2. Then (Still Holding Down Center), Press the Down Button too. 
    • 3. Hold both Buttons for about 3-4 seconds.
    • 4. Then release both Buttons and press the Remote's Menu Button. 
    • 5. if this doesn't work, try holding Center & Down Buttons simultaneously instead of staggered.
    • 6. Find the Developer Option on Screen and Turn it ON. 
    Fire Developer

    Turning on Install Unknown Apps Feature

    • 1. Return to the home screen and open Settings.
    • 2. Click My Fire TV. 
    • 3. Choose Developer options.
    • 4. Click Install unknown apps.
    • 5. Find the Downloader app and click it.
    • 6. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app. 

    How to Install Downloader on Android TV

    • 1. Select the Google Play Store from the home screen.
    • 2. Click Search.
    • 3. Type in “downloader” and click Search.
    • 4. Select Downloader by AFTVnews.
    • 5. Click Install.
    • 6. After installation return to the home screen.

    Guide for IPTV Related Complaints

      A very daily basis problem in using any IPTV is Buffering / Slow Speed / Blank Channels with a Spinning Circle Moving. Below methods will help you fix any IPTV related problem, and its solution of almost 99% all IPTV related complaints on daily basis for example: Black Screen, Spinning Circle, Buffering / Freezing, EPG not Working, Movies not Working etc. Technically the app should auto update the media content however sometimes the device don't let the app to update the media - the best practice is to always update the media content manually before streaming the channels. 

      How to Update Media Content

      • 1. Return to the home screen of your IPTV App.
      • 2. On the Top Right Corner, there's a Button "Update".
      • 3. Hit the Button Once and let the Media Content update itself.

      Firestick / FireCube and FireTV commonly faces another reason that the IPTV is not working because there's a firmware upgrade available anf your Firestick is outdated.

      How to Update your Amazon Firestick

      • 1. Return to the home screen and open Settings.
      • 2. Click My Fire TV.
      • 3. Click on About.
      • 4. Choose either "Check for Updates or Install Update".
      • 5. Installing the Update may take from 10-15 minutes, Once done restart your Firestick.

      Freezing is generally because of internet related issues that can be solved in minutes. Below method will help you fix all IPTV related complaints.

      How to Fix Internet Connection Errors

      • 1. Locate the Reset button on one of the sides of the router, usually on the back where the connectors are. If it's in a pinhole then you'll have to use a pin that fits in there.
      • 2. Press and hold the Reset button between 7-15 seconds then release it. The lights on the router should briefly turn off then back on.

      STB / Emulator Common Errors

        A very common issue especially Smart STB & STB Emulator is that customers face "STB Blocked". Technically observed that STB Apps are virtually able to use by unauthorized persons thats cause a problem in accessing the IPTV by original user. The best practice is to never disclouse the Mac address with unauthorized persons and keep changing the Mac address after few months.

        How to Change Virtual Mac in Smart STB

        • Go to the Settings in Smart STB / STB Emulator.
        • Click on Advance Settings.
        • Select Generated Mac.
        • Restart the App.

        Amazon Fire / Audio Related Issues

          How to Fix No Sound on Firestick

          • 1. Press home button on the remote.
          • 2. Go to Settings.
          • 3. Go to My Firetv.
          • 4. Go to Display & Sounds.
          • 5. Go to Audio.
          • 6. Choose the option Dolnby Digital Output.
          • 7. Turn it off and Restart the Firestick.

          How to Fix Lip Sync Issue on a Firestick

          • 1. Press home button on the remote.
          • 2. Go to Settings.
          • 3. Go to My Firetv.
          • 4. Go to Display & Sounds.
          • 5. Go to Audio.
          • 6. Choose the AV Sync Tuning.

          It will provide clear directions on how to get video and audio in sync while playing content on your device. Depending on your FireStick model, you may see a bouncing ball and a rectangular bar. The screen may also generate a beeping sound. 

          If you hear the beep exactly when the ball collides with the rectangular bar, that means your Fire TV device audio video is in sync and you don’t need to use the lip sync tuning feature. If the sound is not in sync, all you have to do is adjust the position of the rectangular bar. Continue adjusting the shown slider until the audio lag issues are resolved.

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